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There’s having fun, then there’s blatant disrespect.

And what a couple whackjobs decided to pull during the Canada day cellebrations in Ottawa was just plain blatant fucking disrespect. I dunno if it’s because they were drunk, stoned, or some odd and stupid combination of the two, but they apparently thought it’d be fun to piss on the national war memorial. This, naturally, had several people including war veterans up in arms and calling for significantly tighter security around the memorial, but that aside, there’s no goddamn reason for it other than the fact these people were just being morons. Photos were sent to local newspapers, and the police, taken by a former peacekeeper as that was going on. It hasn’t been decided as yet if charges are being laid regarding that, though if you ask me, and no one ever does, it’s a no fucking brainer. I would restate my theory on stupid people, but that doesn’t accomplish anything and stupid people usually don’t realise it’s being directed at them. So instead, I’ll just settle for this. If you can’t have the decency to at the *very* least control your disrespect for your country, get the fuck out. The US is always looking for another disrespectful asshole. You’ll fit right in with the ones down there who like to burn American flags.

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