From the drunk tank to the court room?

It would appear that way, anyway. Some jerk ended up tossed from a baseball game in Winnipeg for pretty much being an irritating asshole. Of course, he called it just heckling, but enough people obviously disagreed with him that he ended up arrested and tossed in the tank for the night. So now, the genius is suing the baseball team, the Winnipeg police chief, the officers that arrested him, *and* the drunk tank that held him for damages and such. Yeah, that’s nice. He gets plastered and gets to be a real shit disturber at a ball game, then thinks he has the right to sue people when he gets tossed for being a shit disturber at a ball game. I dunno, if that many people could tell he was drunk, he definitely had more than one beer, even though he’s insisting to the contrary. Ah, stupid people. Pissing the world off one enjoyable pass-time at a time.

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