Not my best quiz…

Criticisms come after. Quiz results first!

What makes you happy?(great pix,honest results)

The thing that makes you happy,even though you might not realise it is LOVE and caring. You like to spend quiet time at home with you family or hang with your friends. You’re a very emotonal person and you cant possibly survive without love in your life.You’re really funloving and can make most people laugh (i kinda envy you for that),you also probably have tons and tons of friends not to mention all the people who envy you secretly and will try to invade your private life, if you let them too close – and all that just because you’re such a nice person.Watch out though – a person such as you is very vulnerable when it comes to trusting. Don’t over do it…as optimistic a you are, in reality there are many treators. In love you can only find happyness with someone opposite to you (like..character i mean). He/she’ll complete you in a unimaginable way and make you feel truly special and unique. If you find that person, the two of you’ll be like Cindarella and her prince charming.Good luck and please rate if you liked the result.
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Hm. Let’s see. Crappy english, this quiz is bordering on girly, and some of the questions, IMO anyway, didn’t really make sense. But that’s just me. Stupid quiz…

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