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What Is Your Role In A Relationship? (Male and Female, detailed results with Anime Pics!)

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You are Submissive

You are one of those people who is prepared to just sit in the background of things, listening but not participating. Often people know your face but not your name, which is a shame because you have a lot of love and devotion to give.

You struggle with relationships sometimes because you don’t always know how to be around people. Though you may be academically incredibly intelligent, you have trouble thinking for yourself. You need someone to tell you exactly what they want, as hints and subtleties tend to go straight over your head.

When you find the one for you, you are entirely dedicated to them. You put them on a pedestal and worship them from afar, often not acting on your feelings. If you are lucky enough to have someone come over and tell you that they want to be with you, then you are likely to stay with them forever.

Most compatible with: The Controlling

The Controlling love to boss people around, and would make it painfully clear what they want you to do. They like having someone to click their fingers at, so you are a match made in heaven. They aren’t going to give you subtle hints that you will miss, they will just tell you exactly what they want, when they want it, and how. They will never elevate you from you position in the shadows (which suits you just fine!) instead using you to elevate themselves. Some people wouldn’t stand for this but as you want nothing more than to see your partner happy, you will be perfectly content with this lot.

Least compatible with: The Hopeless Romantic

Much like you, the Hopeless Romantic wants to worship someone, but whereas you like giving all that attention, you certainly don’t like receiving it. You aren’t comfortable with being in the spotlight, and the Romantic won’t just let you sit in their shadow where you like to be.

Your song is: Eric’s Song, 12 Stones

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Submissive? Me? This is a fantasy quiz, right?

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