Warp 1, engage! No, seriously.

This is kinda nifty. Scientists apparently may have just found a way to contain antimatter. For the trekkies among the readership, you already get the references. For everyone else, have this as an explanation.

“This is science fiction become science fact,” he said in an interview Wednesday.

Antimatter is one of the mysteries of science.

Matter is essentially anything that has mass and occupies space — basically everything on Earth.

It’s believed matter and antimatter are identical, except that they have an opposite charge and antimatter destroys itself almost immediately.

Now that they can see antimatter, scientists might be able to answer some of the questions about any differences between the two.

Pavan said the amazing device may give some insight into what happened after the Big Bang created the universe.

The wicked that adds to the nifty? All the scientists involved are Canadian–from BC and Alberta, to be absolutely precise. I feel kinda special now. See? And they say you never learn anything from TV.

  1. Hey, now I ahve to watch startrek, wait, I can’t. it’s on the dead drive. this sucks

    1. Dude. Have you seriously not heard of Youtube?

      1. if the FSU network didn’t throw me off for streaming more than 5 minutes of video at a time I’d be happy to use youtube

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