The thing about fiction is? The future doesn’t change 30 years later.

In the 1960’s, 2010 was all about the flying car, the voice-activated computers and the robots that did all the routine and boring crap–housework among other things–for you. Well, it’s 2010, and I still have to do my own dishes. Dammit. But, I can take comfort–they’re still predicting the same thing in my lifetime.

I’ve been reading the In Death series, which is based–again–about 50 years in our future. And, once again, in 2060, it’s all about the flying car, the voice-activated computer, and the robot that does all the routine tasks so you don’t have to. Oh yeah, it’s also about everything from murder to the bad side of New York City. And again, if you follow the traditional fiction trends, you know where this is going. Exactly like they said in the 1960’s about 2010, in 2060 we’re off on our own spaceward adventures–everything from vacations to whatever crosses the mind. For a change, though, at least we’re not at war with some oddly designated alien race or another. Sometimes, I love science fiction. Keep it up, folks. We’ll get a car I might actually be able to drive someday.

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