Two things you should never mix in an entry: politics and religion.

Of course, since when do I do things I *should*? It’s actually something I try not to do. More fun that way.


Anarchy in the Canadian parliament? Who knew? Only real difference between today and any other typical day at the head of our country, the house speaker actually, you know, said something. See? Put that many people in charge, you go nowhere. No wait, sorry. Put Steven Harper in charge and you go nowhere. My mistake.


I guess the church is keeping alcohol and cigarettes on its ever expanding list of sins, and now the british government’s decided to come up with its own. So there’s now a sin tax on alcohol and cigarettes. Brilliant. Its days like this when I’m kinda glad I live in Canada, where on the rare occasion I do actually drink, it’s not costing me my first born.


And an aside: people of the USA, that crapola you call beer is not, in fact, actually beer. The sooner you realize it’s meerly a cheap, watered-down substitute, the easier it’ll be on you. I know, it stings. But if the average person on that side of the border didn’t already have a fragile ego…

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