So, as if my government bashing didn’t give it away…

I am back. And full. Breakfast was much fun. The rest of the morning… about as much fun as a trip to the clinnic can be. Kinda necessary, though, considering my mom and cousin both needed to have stuff looked at. But, all in all, it was out, which is still more than I can say for how I spent my weekend. My brother ended up joining us for all of about 15 minutes for breakfast, which was… kind of odd, given he never bothers doing that. Guess he’s feeling a little more confident about his latest job prospect or somesuch… I dunno. Either way, if he gets fired from this one I’m gonna laugh my ass off at him. Then demand he pays me back what he owes me anyway. And now, time to do what it is I do best… absolutely nothing. Yay lazy!

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