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  • It’s Christmas in the valley.

    It’s that time of year, and I’m where I pretty much always am when it’s that time of year. My family has a tradition–it doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’re all home for Christmas. And home has pretty much always been the Ottawa valley–with only a … Read the rest

  • From your favourite geek, happy thanksgiving.

    Up here in the land of not so much ice and snow, thanksgiving is cellebrated, uh, well, rather, this weekend. This monday, actually–but we’re doing it early-ish. It’s a thing May still has yet to get used to. You know, kind of like when I had a reason to need … Read the rest

  • Season’s greetings to you and yours.

    Whatever it is you’re planning and whoever it involves, here’s hoping it all ends up a whole new kind of special. Whether it involves a larger than life party, or just an evening killing time, do it with a sjile today. And something alcoholic. But at least the smile. And … Read the rest

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    To the American folks reading this today, happy giving of thanks to you. If you’ve got the day off, by all means enjoy the royal hell out of it. If you don’t, well, enjoy the royal hell out of the next day–you get to call in sick, or flake out … Read the rest

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    That actual, content-filled update I promised a day or two is coming; just not right at this moment on account of in an hour, we’re gone for visits, then to stuff ourselves ’til we explode then stuff ourselves some more. In the meantime, happy thanksgiving for those of you reading … Read the rest

  • Best of the season to you and yours.

    Whatever it is you cellebrate and whenever it is you cellebrate it, here’s hoping the holiday’s as good to you as it’s very likely to be for me. I look forward to seeing your continued readership of this still very much in development blog in 2010. Be responsible, be safe, … Read the rest

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