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  • In which there is a god. And he plays for the wrong damn team.

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    I take it all back. Every, single, goddamn word. I accept what the 80 million Christians who’ve been trying to convert me have been saying since the first time I asked one of them what the hell he was smoking. God does exist. There is physical proof. But does it … Read the rest

  • It’s only a suggestion.

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    Steve and Carin over on this blog pointed me in the general direction oof 11 things the bible bands, but you do anyway. I have no idea what’s more amusing–the list itself, or some of the comments back and forth under it. Clearly, the pro-biblers missed the point entirely. … Read the rest

  • Suddenly, the big bang theory isn’t scientific anymore.

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    Not if you listen to a speech by the Pope, at least. There’s no such thing as an accident–particularly where the big bang theory’s concerned, so says Pope Benedict XVI. Instead, even that was escentially orchestrated by God. God’s mind was behind complex scientific theories such as the Big … Read the rest

  • On blindness, faith, and blind faith.

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    Disclaimer: This entry may be offensive to the religiously sensative. I only wrote it; you chose to read it. You have been warned. I used to see it only on rare occasions, but the more time I spend watching and interacting with the community, the more a patern sticks out … Read the rest

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