In which the government catches up to the rest of the world. Again.

For years, you couldn’t do anything without them wanting to run a credit check on you. Wanna rent an apartment? Credit check. Apply for a mortgage, or creditcard? Credit check. Sign up with most cell phone cariers? … Yeah. You get the picture. Pretty effective way of keeping an eye on folks, right? So you’d think Canada’s government would be all over it. Well, they are. Just recently. They’ve decided to use it to try and step on businesses tasked with collecting the GST (General Sales Tax) or HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) for the government, and have already gone after $3000000 worth of it. The plan is to eventually (read: probably in about 15 years) use it to make sure folks aren’t taking advantage of things like, you know, welfare when they aught not to be. But right now, it’s a tax grab. Still, even for a tax grab, it’s about damn time. As long as this kinda thing’s been around, you’d think they’d be the first. But, then, since when does that apply up here?

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