Someone wants a how not to guide. Or: Hey looky what Google brung me.

I can be more than a tiny bit snarkastic. That’s a word, dammit. It can occasionally come off as, well, somewhat helpful. In a what the hell are you smoking kind of way. And sometimes, Google and its search engine friends/competetors/whatever they’re calling each other now helpfully provide folks with direct access to some of those pro tips. Good; it means I don’t necessarily have to. This one, though, somewhat amuses the everloving hell out of me.

May 18 7:37am: when not to put your consumer first

I could construct an entire how not to guide right here, right now. but why? It’s kind of already been written. Here’s version canada, and somewhat before that, version US. And that should about cover that particular how not to section. Now hopefully they weren’t actually looking for a when not to guide…


So you know those mistakes delaying posts was supposed to help me fix? Like, you know, HTML failures? Yeah. About that. I fail at HTML.

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