The social insurance card is fired as of next year.

If you have a social insurance number, which you must if you plan to do something as simple as, you know, work in Canada, you may find yourself surprised next year. In March, anyone in need of a new or replacement social insurance card will instead be sent a letter with their SIN number. Why? for your protection, says the government. The card, which the Service Canada’s website insists you should never have on you–in spite of the fact Service Canada employees usually ask to see it–is a good excuse for someone to walk off with your identity should it go missing. again, says the government. So now, rather than spend the money on printing and shipping the actual social insurance card, they’ll spend less money printing and shipping a letter to you that contains the same info. Which you’ll still need, most likely, to provide to folks like, you know, Service Canada to get pretty much anywhere. And, which folks will more than likely still carry on them simply because, hey, it’s asked for in situations. All for your protection, and to save a million and a half. Anyone else feel much safer after reading this?

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  1. Let me make sure I have this right. For our safety and security, the card that thieves could walk off with is being phased out and replaced with a letter…that thieves could walk off with? Well done.

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