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And sometimes, things just have a habbit of being very well timed.

They don’t post a whole lot over there these days, but Shane and Krista usually have something semi-useful to say. Or to copy/paste from someone else who said it already. That’s the case with this post, which goes into detail on something I think any serious relationship is going to have to deal with in one way, shape or form before it either lasts forever or doesn’t. Fact of life, and all that wonderful crap. Rare is the relationship that doesn’t have anything even remotely close to this happen at some point. Sometimes, you can recover from it–and sometimes, it’s much better for at least one party if you don’t and just walk away. I’ve seen both. And it’s probably for that reason and a couple others why this article relates just a little. I won’t bother copy/pasting the article over here, since they’ve already copied it in full on their blog. But, if you’re interested, it’s over here. It put some things into perspective for me, and probably will for at least one other person before too long. Even if it doesn’t, it’s a good read. Who knows, you might be able to use it to put things into perspective for someone else. That’s never a bad thing either. And on that note, I think there exists some mockery around here somewhere.

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