Verizon makes Rogers Wireless look good. I remain unsurprised.

Just when you get to thinking maybe, just maybe, things in the cell phone market can’t reach a higher level of ridiculous, some corporate yuck’s gotta walk in and set you straight. In this case, Verizon’s more than happy to do that to me. A lady saw a miscellanious $4.19 charge for, apparently, local calls. When she called to have it explained, she was escentially told to get a lawyer and suppoena. She did one better and went solo to a judge, who escentially slappd Verizon with an order to turn over a complete and itemized bill. Oh yeah, and recommended Verizon be fined about $1000 for escentially being a collective bunch of idiots. And customers of theirs wonder why it is my default response when they tell me is I’m sorry. Wonder no more–just please for the love of anything holy, get a real carrier if such an annimal exists.

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