did you two find what you were looking for?

And the hits just keep coming. For ODSP related searches, anyway. I must of hit on something halfway decent. Today’s random search trivia, brought to you by too little sleep. For more information, please, donate your caffeine.

Jun 6 1:25am: what you can really get out of odsp

Besides a good screwing over? Good question. Tell you what–I’ll let you know just as soon as I find out. Deal? Deal.

Jun 6 2:12am: how much is the GST in Ontario for a single man on O,D.S.P.

It’s HST this year–thanks, Dalton–and I don’t think the numbers have been thrown at us as of yet. I wait with bated breath, though. Not that it isn’t already spoken for or anything. Really.

Clearly, I need more sleep. Or more caffeine. Hmmm. Well, I’ve already tried for more sleep and that didn’t work. Where’d I stick the coffee pot?

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