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jays VS. minnisota, streamed live friday night!

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What is it? Baseball
Who’s playing? jays and minnisota.
What time does it start? 6:30PM eastern.
who’s running the show?
to extremely geeky people,.
How do I listen?
You listen by waiting until 6:30PM on Friday April 1, 2011, and then you click right
and then sit back with your beverage of choice, a pizza, your instant messenger, or twitter client in front of you, and enjoy great baseball, and commintary from the hosts of this party.
We hope to see you all their!

2 responses to “jays VS. minnisota, streamed live friday night!

  1. that girl says:

    thank you, james, for your very thoughtful comment at my blog. i greatly appreciate more than you know. i have to apologize though .. i never come here. the stuff you talk about is sooooo over my head. seriously. i can feel is whizzing over the top of my head as i type.

    thanks again. i hope you come back to visit. i’ll have to get over and visit your gf or fiance (i believe she is) over at Life in the Nuthouse. 🙂

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