Concert Goin’.

We discovered completely by accident over the weekend that Rascal Flatts is coming to Rochester at the end of the month. Not normally being ones to make plans that far in advance, and looking for an excuse to cellebrate neither of our having been confined to the bed for the majority of this week, we thought we’d take full advantage. So yesterday, while the fiance worked her ass off, I punked a couple tickets for the event. If you’re in the Rochester area on the 24th of this month and don’t have anything else to do, they play at the Blue Cross Arena. There are, last I checked, still decently priced tickets available. If you’re going and want to sneak in a quick hello pre-show, give a shout out. For the interested, the show starts at 7:30–bring your love for country music and optionally some booze.

Yeah it’s still 2 weeks early, but to get us in the mood for it and, well, to interest anyone else who may be considering, have a random RF video. Readers of the RSS and/or LJ variety may need to click over to the actual site to watch it. Sorry–limitation of technology. In the meantime, bring on the party atmosphere. Where’s my vodka?


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