Milk-free desserts. Now, with extra milk.

Somewhere within these two non-dairy product manufacturers, the memo that sayd they were non-dairy must have gotten lost in the mail. Or ignored. There’s now a recall on the affected products, on account of they contain milk.

Consumers with milk allergies who have used Probiophilus (with Natural Product Number 80016388 on the label) or Cultures de Yogourt 5 Milliards (NPN 80013135)
should immediately consult with their health-care practitioner regarding any further use of these products.

Consumers and health professionals wanting more information can contact Health Canada at             613-957-2991       or toll-free at             1-866-225-0709      .

In the meantime, it’s not just the consumers who need to learn to read the labels. Someone’s just been signed up for retraining.

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