Hello, 1310News. Nice to hear you.

I spent quite a few years in or near the Toronto area growing up. Not only did that serve to stoke my Maple Leafs enthusiasm, but it gave me plenty of time to enjoy listening to 680News. This was before things like RSS feeds and then later Twitter came around and subsequently got six different kinds of popular. Since then, I’ve moved to Petawawa, Ottawa, then back to Petawawa, and haven’t found a station with similar programming. There’s 580 CFRA, but really, even I can only stomach so much Lowell Green.

As of this morning, Ottawa’s Oldies1310 moves to change that–and its format. As of probably right about now, Oldies1310 in Ottawa officially becomes 1310News. Now maybe hell will freeze and I can get one or both of these stations on Shaw Direct. Hey, it could happen.

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