This can only mean good things for Toronto fans in Ottawa.

Rogers is considering buying the Maple Leafs. Hey, for the past two days, every news outlet in Ontario’s been all over the place with it so there must be some mild degree of truth to it. Considering they already own Sportsnet, which could benefit from more hockey, plus the station that handles the radio broadcasts for the Leafs, good things can’t help but happen. Hell, they own the Bluejays, they own Sportsnet, and living in Ottawa I didn’t miss a single game I wasn’t home for and/or didn’t much care to watch. Hey, one can always dream. Now then. where’d I put my pretend season passes to the ACC?

  1. Actually they don’t own the station that owns the broadcast rights to the Leafs, Corus does. They own some of the stations along the network,but the flagship is 640 Toronto. They do however own the Fan 590, which owns the rights to the Jays games.

    And I’m kinda not in favour of Rogers owning even more things. Good things rarely ever happen once that company gets involved, plus I don’t like it when one organization has its hand in so many things. We need for big companies to be getting smaller, not bigger.

    1. Personally, I’m still firmly entrenched in the camp of those who could do with a little more Leafs, and a little less Senators in Ottawa. Yes, even if that means they get bought by Rogers. Who really couldn’t have done much worse with the Jays than was happening pre-2000.

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