Stop me if you’ve seen this movie before.

Okay, so, here’s your basic summary. An airplane controled by artificial inteligence, capable of traveling huge distances and picking its own targets without human interference. Highly experimental, it may or may not actually enter production. But, it’s supposed to be able to perform more complicated maneuvers that wouldn’t be possible without the removal of the need for a pilot what with the stronger g-forces playing an issue. Sounding familiar, yet? It should be–particularly if you’re a millitary type movie fan. Apparently, the guys that came up with this idea are at least a fan of this one.

Hey, guys? You have awesome taste in movies. Really. But did you really have to go and recreate it in reality? Well, okay, if you must–but please, for the love of God, keep it away from the 20-year-old war scenarios, would you? Thanks.

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