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English must not be Sarah Palin’s first language.

She does a semi-decent job at pretending, though. Or is that just royally butchering?

According to the former U.S. vice-presidential candidate, her newly created word – ‘refudiate’ – is her contribution to the “living language.”

Please forgive me for not considering sending any future children to the Sarah Palin School of English Studies. Seriously.

Also: Hey, Sarah? The two worst possible reasons you could have ever come up with for trying to ruin the english language are “George Bush did it” and “Obama did it”. I mocked them for it, too; just not publicly–you’re special, so that’s more fun. Please, by all means, pass on your special version of the english language to your children/grandchildren. But for the love of everything sane, please stop screwing it up for the rest of us. It’d be appreciated.

2 responses to “English must not be Sarah Palin’s first language.

  1. Seriously? Of all the inane and bat-shit crazy stuff that comes out of that woman’s mouth, this is what has upset you most? I don’t even bother listening to her.

    • Haha, not even close. It’s just the thing I had the most fun mocking this week. I’m sure she–and I–will do better than that before September. If it wasn’t for the occasional thing she comes up with that actually has some almost comedic value–mostly in that she usually hasn’t got a clue what she’s talking about and she very much looks the part, I’d probably ignore her too. But, alass, I had to mock somebody and she was there.

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