The Bloc Quebecois says what? Again?

Uh. What?

The international community should brace for another referendum on Quebec sovereignty that will finally allow the province to become a country, said Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe in a newly released letter that was distributed around the world.

Have they forgotten 1995’s affects already? Quebec decided–albeit barely–not to separate during that thing they called a referendum. Meanwhile the rest of Canada was just kind of hoping they’d make up their mind and stick to it. And Gilles Duceppe wants to reopen that can again? Okay, so I wasn’t old enough to care one way or another in 1995. I am now. And for my part, if it’ll shut up the Bloc Quebecois, by all means–have another referendum. And vote yes. I wouldn’t mind it if half the jobs I was trying to get into lost their bilingualism requirement, personally. Then disband the BQ, and let’s get back to something resembling the functioning of an actual, honest to goodness normal country. Since the opposition won’t let us just make it illegal for a party who’s sole purpose is to break up the country exist federally, I suppose that’s the best we can settle for. Hey, I’m not picky. Oh, by the way. A tiny note to the separatist movement. If you go, you get to take your share of the national debt with you. Have fun.

PS: Really, Gilles? Airing our really, really old, dirty laundry out for all the world to see? Really? I thought you were better than that. Well, okay, I didn’t. But you should be.

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