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I’ve just been educated by a geek blog. On smarties.

I only a couple years ago learned the American version of smarties is completely different, including made by a different company, from those sold in the rest of the world. for the curious and the lazy, what the Americans call smarties, apparently we up here call rockets. They’re made by Ce De Candy, and are the stuff that’d make most healthy-minded parents have a small heart attack. The real version of smarties, made by Nestle and sold everywhere that isn’t the US, are more similar to M&Ms. If you’re curious on trying the version everyone else knows and loves and are living in the US, you can apparently buy them from Amazon–so says a lawsuit by Ce De Candy for trademark infringement that’s currently attempting to prevent the sale. See? Geek blogs can be educational for non-techy purposes. Now I know why I get strange looks from people south of the border when I tell them those aren’t real smarties.

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