Maple Leafs 4, Lightning 3.

So they do remember how to do the more than one win in a row shpeel. Who’d of thunk it? And in overtime, too–something they’ve rather sucked at all year. Again, who’d of thunk it? Now if only it actually mattered. Still, it’s nice to see them starting to play a little bit better with each other. Even if it’s still difficult to get excited over a few wins strung together. So difficult, in fact, that I’m bowing out of that race right now.

Last time

Back in January, we didn’t get off so lucky. Well, actually, we didn’t really get off at all–hence the 3 2 loss. We actually pretended to play a little tiny bit better then, too. Or so I kept telling myself, anyway. Funny how all these teams we keep sucking against tend to add up. A few years ago, a win like this might have sent every Leafs fan between here and Toronto into ultra party mode. Now? We just shrug. And I go back to getting things ready for the arival of the girlfriend.

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