Hey, DH? You sold me already.

I don’t get a chance to check my email very often while I’m over at my parents’ place, where I’ve been since yesterday. But, I did get a chance to check it tonight. And this little surprise, from they who host this blog, was waiting for me. Now, keep in mind, the service they’re offering? I’ve been using it since October or November or so.

Hey again James!

Last week we again sent you an email inviting you to try our still-new
DreamHost PS (Private Servers) and/or our DreamHost PS MySQL service!
But again it looks like you never checked it out at:


Nor did you choose to sign up by visiting:


Well, it’s hard for us to understand how you couldn’t give it a shot for
just $10/month (66% off). But not impossible for us to believe. What’s
IMPOSSIBLE for us to believe is if you don’t take advantage of this, our
final and greatest offer!

$10/month off.. forever. That’s 100MB free.. meaning you can get your
very own Private Server with 150MB of ram for just FIVE dollars a month!

The main advantages of DreamHost PS are:

* You get full ROOT access .. complete control to run whatever you’d like!
* You get your own PROTECTED system resources for improved stability!
* You get included unlimited live chat support!
* You get increased performance via lighttpd, nginx and PHP caching!
* You can scale your resources on the fly, and reboot your own PS!
* It’s currently only +$10/month for every 100MB of memory. ($10 off!)
* It’s a completely seamless transition from our regular shared hosting!

You can also sign up for DreamHost PS MySQL, which is just like PS but
for your databases. If you get both PS and PS MySQL, you get another 20%
off both, forever!

Now, this is really our final final offer. And, it expires one week from
today (by 2010-02-13) .. sign up and we’ll be able to provision you

Thanks one final time,
The Happy DreamHost Evite Team!

P.S. If you’d prefer not to be notified by email in the future should
you be given any more invitations, please visit our contact preferences
page here:


And select to not receive “DreamHost Promotions” anymore!

I giggled a little. I snickered. And then, I wrote this reply.

I’m already signed up with your PS plan. Not that I don’t want to keep receiving discount offers, but I only need one and well, I have it. Can I still have
the discount, though?

Think I’ll get it? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. But maybe they’ll update their database to stop trying to sell it to me. Since, you know, I bought it the first time.

Update: I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong.


Thanks for writing in! I went ahead and increased your subsidy from $5 to
$10. That gives you 66% off (if you allocate 150mb of memory at

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Dan G =]

DreamHost Support Team + support@dreamhost.com

Sometimes, I really love this web host. Also, gotta respect the root access.


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