Hey, global warming? Go to hell.

We had to make a run into town this morning to get the birth stone ring I got Jess for her birthday resized. And, much like yesterday, we caught a nifty little helping of snow, cold, and all kinds of bad in doing so. It was below freezing all last night. It’s still below freezing now. It’ll probably get colder this afternoon–also known as way too goddamn cold. And folks are still worried about global warming. Tell ya what, I’ll make you a deal. You let it warm to the point that I don’t need 6 layers to step outside, and I’ll think about not laughing my ass off at you for bitching about the supposed threat to the environment we are by just existing. Until I get some of this global warming headed my way, let’s just agree that you’ll stuff it. Deal? Thankya.


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