Someone agrees with me.

So the other day I made vague mention to the fact there be ridiculously insane parental units among us, some of whom will apparently lean entirely way too much on religion for, like, everything. Including curing their kid of a treatable disease. Instead of, you know, doing the sensible thing and taking said kid to a doctor. I do recall making some vague mention of their other children being removed if something like that happened on *this* side of the border. And apparently, for perhaps the second time this year, someone agrees with me. Of course they still have yet to actually be charged, but I have this sneaking suspicion even though it’s not really going to either be confirmed or denied until about 3 days after it happens, they’re going to be. At the very least with some kind of negligence. So why am I keeping such a close eye on this story? Because sadly, they don’t allow us to shoot one stupid person every Wednesday. So I shall have to settle for mocking them when I’m presented with new ammunition with which to do so instead. It’s rough, but whatcha gonna do?

PS: It’s been alternating between freezing rain and snow for most of the morning so far. Freezing rain. And snow. In what practically is the beginning of April. WTF? Die in a fire, global warming.

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