Purolator, we need to talk.

You have my package on your local delivery vehicle as of 8:13 this morning. I *know* it doesn’t take 3+ hours to get from your depot downtown. So why, pray tell, are you now taking nearly 4 to do so? I would be slightly irritated had my router actually gone splat in between the time I ordered the new one and now. But, since it hasn’t, I’m left with a simple… do explain? Really, I am not understanding your logic.

PS: Oh, yeah, and it should have been delivered a week ago. Gotta love delivery guys who can’t be bothered to buz themselves in. Oh, ow, my head.


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  1. That is like the package we were supposed to have delivered on Monday. It was not delivered that day due to “adverse weather conditions” according to the UPS website. It was already signed in in Seattle but was not delivered that day due to the weather. Since when has partly sunny skies and no snow or rain been considered “adverse weather conditions”? Perhaps because it is Seattle, and you know what our weather reputation is, that things are only delivered in rainy weather and any other weather including sunshine is considered “adverse weather conditions.” LOL!

  2. I don’t know what happened to it a week ago, but if the package was put on the delivery van this morning, it will take at least eight hours for the driver to do her or his whole route, and you could be anywhere on that route.

    • The package was supposed to have gotten here on Wednesday of last week. But buddy decided not to buz himself in then, either. So I spent the better part of that week trying to reschedule delivery. It was supposed to originally show up on Friday. Then, they rescheduled it to Monday. Then on Monday, they rescheduled it to Tuesday. Good thing I don’t work at the moment. LOL

        • Heh. And to add insult to injury, I know it doesn’t take 8 hours to circle Ottawa, even if you’re stopping every so often to drop things off. So that it took damn near that long for it to finally get here doesn’t sit well with me either.

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