On a lighter note…

this amused the hell out of me.

  1. LOL Reminds me of when I decided to uninstall XP on an old laptop and go back to Windows 98 because XP was making it run too slow. Well … guess what? After I uninstalled all the XP updates and stuffies that make it run, I get a message that says my version of XP can’t be uninstalled on a machine that was upgraded from Windows 98! Oops. And I saved nothing. And so, what next? How about reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows 98? Oh, I don’t own a copy of Windows 98? Grrrrr … downloaded one … had a virus …. sigh. LOL Laptop is now good for taking apart to see what’s inside.

    1. That’s why I don’t mess with Windows anything unless I really, really, really, really, really have to. And then only once.

  2. Haha; that was hilarious.

    I don’t think that getting Gentoo set up on my Netbook has been any less convoluted of a process, though, and I’m sitll not done. I wound up using the 2008.0 cd; it is newer than what I gave you. Specifying a password didn’t work (I had to change the password after it logged me in), but ssh started up after I added dosshd to the command line.

    1. How did you tell when you got to the boot prompt? Does Gentoo give you any sort of signal?

      1. It doesn’t by default at least. It will pause for five seconds. I had to take the image and move the files to a usb flash drive (since the computer has no cd-rom), so I just added dosshd into the configuration while I was doing that.

        1. Aha. So I could probably do the same with the CD image itself using something like power ISO then.

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