More on a highschool version of me. Or, why they should never let me near bittorrent.

I’ve never been one to just on a random impulse pick up a book and start reading. Doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t have an appreciation for a good tale, I just can’t be bothered half the time reading it. I’ve hread a few Steven King novels, seen some of the movie adaptations. Same with several other authors. But, given the choice, I’ll pick TV over books just about every time. Been that way since I got into highschool, I think. Mostly because about 99% of the actual reading I did was school related. And most of the material back then having been in braille (they didn’t start readily doing the online thing around here until I got into college, and even that was minimal), I think I read way too goddamn much. When I managed to get all that out of the way, I just said screw it, and flipped on the TV. Y’know, enjoy some lazy as hell information absorbtion for a while. One of the shows I ended up being really into back then was The Outer Limits (1995-2002). Probably because they took a lot of those types of stories, including an adaptation of one written by Steven King, and turned them into hour-long TV shows. I missed a large portion of those shows while in production, so just sort of on one of those random impulses, I nabbed the torrent of all 7 seasons. It’s currently downloading now. Whether it plays or not is anyone’s guess, but we shall see. Sometimes, having weird obsessions is good.

  1. Ok, here’s how this will work. You try to convert me into a hockey fan, and I’ll convert you into a reader. Deal?

    1. You have the harder challenge. Are you *sure*?

      1. I’m up for the challenge. You know how I am about challenges.

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