I are deaf now. Thanks.

Every 3-4 months or so, my land lord or maybe the super intendant, one of the two, comes around and does their quarterly inspections of the fire alarm system. Which, roughly speaking, translates to setting it off several dozen times on some random afternoon. And, with the exception of maybe one, I’ve been home every. single. bloody. time. Sadly, half the time sleeping (I did used to work nights, y’know). On the bright side, I know it’ll wake me up in case of an actual emergency. On the not so bright side, can westop playing with ’em now? They work already…

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2 responses to “I are deaf now. Thanks.”

  1. I am deaf enough, without my hearing aids, i can’t hear those things, and most alarms that are high pitch, don’t seem to bother me, seems drowned out. Without my hearing aids, i can’t hear it at all.

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