I can has working phone line plz?

Is this going to be a quarterly affair now? For the third (fourth, maybe?) time this year, I’m landline-less. I didn’t even bother with Bell’s tech support this time; they’d just make me do the same damn thing I did 6 times before calling in. Instead, I decided to pull my hair out trying to navigate their automated system. Eh, it’s still so much easier than speaking to some dood from India. So after jumping through the requisit computerized hoops (you’d think, having worked for a computer company, I’d be used to that), a technician will be out here tomorrow. between… the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Well damn. Good thing I’m unemployed. They sure aren’t being all that work schedule friendly. And of all the reasons I can think of where I’d love to just call in sick, waiting for a Bell Canada technician to show up is so not one of them.


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