It’s a hockey post. You don’t get to bitch.

Anyone who’s spent 5 minutes talking to me over the last month or so, or even who’s gone and read through either this LJ or my old blog, knows I live and breathe the hockey season. I haven’t been posting about it all that much (well, okay, at all) this season because mostly, I keep forgetting/am too tired/am too lazy/all 3, rolled up into an adoreable little package. Or something. Well, this has to be said. Down 2 0 going into the third period. Against the league’s best, that being the New York Rangers. Less than 10 minutes left in the third and they come up with 5, count ’em, 5 goals in response. I’m not saying they’ll take the cup this year, but damn. If this was last years team, I’d of turned it off halfway through the second period as by that point, it’d be way over. Last night, though? Let’s just say I’m trying to train myself out of the habbits I was forced to adopt for the past couple years watching this team. They keep doing things like that, it’s gonna be real easy to do.

PS: You’ll note at no point in this entry did I make mention of the 6 5 shootout win they came up with the game before against New Jersey. Again, not saying they’ll take the cup, but…


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