Twitterings of the me.

  • 09:33 Reception sucks at the hospital where mom had her appointment. Going to my place now. #
  • 10:21 Mom’s fimally done futzing around at my place (I just wanted to use the bathroom). Food time now. #
  • 10:37 Stopping in at Local Heroes. Lunch will be skipped today. #
  • 11:15 Stuffed, hñàÉì?’;É¥Çìå/¥Q?¥5?7ÉM¥A3ìå #
  • 11:26 Um, twitter borkf my last txt. Stuffed, and heading back to mom’s place. #
  • 11:46 Ok, it’s apparently mom’s place via the grocery store. There’s just too little shopping going on, I guess. #
  • 13:32 Out of the store, next stop should be mom’s. #
  • 14:46 Home, finally. #

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