You can keep yer drama, thanks.

Yeah I promised birthday related posts. That’s coming eventually. So I wake up to an email waiting for me that basicly says a close friend of mine has escentially been told not to talk to me anymore by her, well, let’s just say overenthusiastic husband. Now, her husband didn’t particularly care too much for me anyway for other reasons, but the way this came about only succeeded in amusing me more than anything else. Apparently, we can chat over MSN, but god forbid she work up the nerve to add me to Twitter. I probably shouldn’t find this whole situation all that funny; quite frankly, if it were anyone else I’d probably be wondering why it’s not bothering me more than it is. But really, I kind of expected it. Hmm. I should probably friends lock this entry. But then I’ve got nothing here that needs hiding, and that just wouldn’t be me. So instead, I shall go make lunch/supper/whatever, and be amused at how this little situation came up in the first place.

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  1. This makes me laugh because my husband has done equally bizarre things. Once he got upset after ‘s dad called me to talk about computers. He insisted that in future conversations with his wife, this guy should address me as Mrs. (last name) instead of by my first name, and he should request permission to speak to me.

  2. Would i know/know of the person in question? Yeah, it’s probably NOMB, but you know me. People are teh suck sometimes, I’m sorrry.
    Happy late birthday, mister. I might call you later.

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