Fact: I don’t do well with birthdays.

Well okay, not entirely true. In fact I completely and epicly fail at birthdays. I’m sure there are at least 2 people’s birthdays this month that have gone past unnoticed by me for that very reason. The one solid exception to this is birthdays of past girlfriends and the occasional close friend. Girlfriends because, well, really, who forgets the girlfriend’s birthday and survives to tell about it? And the occasional close friend for I have no damn clue what reason. Lucky, mayhap? Eh, it works. If it wasn’t for LJ I’d probably forget about one very important birthday coming up in the next month or so. Hell, I still might. ‘Cuz occasionally, I’m an idiot like that. So yeah, if your birthday comes and goes and you don’t hear from me, I appologise in advance. You can feel free to take it out on LJ. Meanwhile, depending on the person who’s birthday gets forgotten, I’ll just kinda be over here. Hiding. ‘Til next year. *nods*

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