Because I just have to see if posting from my phone works.

  1. Looks like it works. You came through.

    1. Now I just need to beat LJ into playing nice nice with Rogers, and I can add people to teh flist via the phone. Then I shall have little reason to sit in front of the computer! Mwa!

      1. whoa. how do you post to lj on your phone? that’s freakin’ sweet!!! me wants to do it too!!!! lol.

        1. First, you be wicked cool enough to be able to send emails from your phone. then, you be even more wicked cool enough that LJ actually lets you set up email posting. Translation: got a paid account and 10 minutes?

          1. dang. there’s me out then, I don’t got email posting on my phone. it’s just not that cool. lol.

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