I may hate paying their bills, but they can help pay mine any time.

Confusing subject line? My work here is done. I fired off a couple emails to the previously mentioned employment prospect (you know the one, they wanted me to start like 20 minutes after the conversation was over if it was humanly possible). Dialogue with that company has been successfully reopened, methinks. I’ve also fired off an application for Rogers. I know, I bitch about their cable packages to some of you, but I’ll work for them. A paycheck’s a paycheck’s a paycheck. If you think that’s ironic, I’ve contemplated applying at Bell Canada. If half of you knew how much I’ve jumped on them about multiple service related things of both an interwebs and telephone nature, you’d probably suggest I may want to have my head examined. And you’d probably be right, but eh. Hell, if I had my way there’d be no Microsoft in my house, and yet I get paid to support their products. Well, for, um, 2 more weeks. I guess I’m just one loveable package of employment irony. gotta love me.

  1. Not that confusing! A paycheque is indeed a paycheque, and you wouldn’t be the first person to hate the IT company for whom you work. Wouldn’t even be a first for you personally! At least they might give you discount packages for your home services, you know?

    1. I don’t hate Dell as a company. Just their relationship with Micro$oft. And there’s a very good reason why I don’t work for the latter.

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