And gone.

As of about… half an hour at the earliest, an hour and a half at the latest, from now, I shall no longer be home. Well, ’til Sunday-ish. Already I’m crossing my fingers drama holds off until I get back, but y’know. I’ve also officially become rather un-IM-able. Meaning, yes, you can IM me. However, since I will not be home and my IM will remain up on this computer, you will end up being ignored. Cope. There’s always email and LJ. And if I really want to hear from you and you think what you have to say is worth the long distance bill, you’ve already got my phone number. And now, James does the 30-second suitcase pack.

Random PS: And because my ride hasn’t come yet, and such. Um, wow? Whole new meaning to redneck, right there. Example: husband’s name is Jim Bob. ‘Nuff said? I think so.

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