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Want to help take a Canadian monopoly out at the knees?

Sadly, Canadian citizens only. But interested Canadian citizens can certainly voice their opinion. As I’ve mentioned on this thing and as has been pretty well all over just about every technology related website and some not so much technology related, Bell’s been implementing a measure of trafic shaping on both its customers and, effective as of last week, anyone who has to use their network. That includes third party ISP’s, like the mentioned before TekSavvy, to which yours truely switches… on Monday, to be precise. And of course, as is to be expected, the only people who really think Bell has any right to be doing this are people who work for Bell. Coupled with this, there are also reports, now confirmed, that any information that passes through Bell’s network is being subjected to rather intense deep packet inspection before it even enters the infrastructure of the third party ISP from wenst the request originated. Escentially, for anyone who doesn’t want to wade through the linked entry, it means basicly, anything you do that passes through Bell’s network, from checking your email to downloading a movie, can be monitored and acted on accordingly (see: trafic shaping).

Bell’s been doing that to their customers since about November-ish, and as of last week, they’re doing it to anyone else who’s selling DSL service and has to use their network to do so (see: just about any ISP in Ontario/Quebec). That’s prompted two separate complaints (warning: both links are PDF files) to the CRTC. The major issue with what they’re doing, though, aside from the fact that they’re doing it specificly to target anyone who decides they want to download a movie, is it’s interfering with use of… pretty much anything encripted. Meaning anyone who uses a VPN to work from home will have issues as well, among other things. But primarily, the first complaint that was submitted to the CRTC regarding the trafic shaping practices focuses on the anti-competative nature of what they’re doing. Bell’s customers are pissed off that they’re being throttled, and switching to TekSavvy. Bell is now throttling the portion of the network that connects to ISP’s like TekSavvy. So escentially, TekSavvy is now throttled as well. Which means anyone who’s switched from Bell for better service isn’t getting it. That craptastic little arangement made possible by the fact they’re pretty much the sole source for DSL connectivity in Ontario and Quebec.

Enter the taking out a monopoly at the knees. Anyone who agrees with the complaint(s) as they’ve been submitted can say so directly to the CRTC, and hopefully it’ll be taken into account when the decision gets handed down. It’s one hell of an easy thing to do (a whole 4 steps).

  1. Go to this site and select “Part VII/PN” from the list.
  2. Type or paste the file number (# 8622-C51-200805153) into the subject line.
  3. Type or paste this text, or something similar, into the “Description/comments/questions” box: “I am writing to express my support for the Application that CAIP has filed with the CRTC regarding Bell Canada’s throttling practices. I believe that these practices contravene Bell Canada’s duties as a common carrier and that the Commission should direct Bell to immediately cease and desist from throttling the traffic of independent ISPs.”
  4. Hit next, fill out your name and email address, and any other information you feel comfortable giving them.

I don’t care what Bell does to their customers; like I said, I’m leaving in a couple days. But now, they’re putting the squeeze on people who aren’t even wanting anything to do with them. As it stands now, the only way a DSL provider in Ontario can be a better alternative than Bell is in customer service (it doesn’t take much there). They have just guaranteed no one will be able to do anything more than equal them with anything else. And that’s the kind of crap that made me switch. If you don’t feel like filling out the support form, then hopefully if you’re using Bell, you’ll consider not. I sure as hell won’t give them any more of my money than I absolutely have to. 2 years ago even, they were decent. Now, I just feel ripped off. I’m taking my ball and going home.

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