Now that’s how we spend a morning.

Doing absolutely nothing except watching TV shows that got me through highschool and part of college. Whoever said downloading crap off the internet should be illegal should have their head examined. Some of these shows, namely The Practice, aren’t even being aired in the great white north anymore. Suckish, seeing as so far as legal dramas go (I took law for a year in college, sue me), this one’s pretty damn good. Shows kinda like that one played a small part in my considering taking up a career in law instead of where I am now. A year in college, though, tought me two things. Our legal system is royally fucked up, and while there’s more than a few things I’ve been accused of having insane amounts of patience for, spending as long as some of those trials go arguing the same point over and over again ad nausium just wouldn’t do it for me. Besides, the job I’ve got now’s about 2 tons easier. Hell, as it stands now I don’t even really have to do half the work; advantage of the problem being on the other side of an international border. I’ll probably keep my interest in law at a general level, but actually getting involved in it? Not unless somebody decides to sue me. Though I *am* looking for alternative employment, so… anything’s possible. Ask me in 6 months.

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