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How I didn’t spend valentine’s day. Or, in which my brain takes the day off.

I never quite got the idea behind going out of your way to do something special/romantic/whatever for/with your significant other on one particular day of the year. But then, I’ve always been brought up that that’s kind of how it’s supposed to go pretty well all the time. So, partly because of that, partly because I’m just not good at being the romantic type and partly because May did only just this morning get back home from her own little personal time, I planned a very impressive absolutely nothing today. Actually if we’re being honest, I planned not to do any of the usual valentine’s day funness. Of course it doesn’t help matters much that it’s mid-month and well, who in their right mind has extra money to be flinging around on overly expensive dinners at a moderately decent quality restaurant when all that’s really gonna come of it is a need to shove yourself into a pair of track pants if and when you manage to squeeze yourself through the door and back home–again, the kind of thing you shouldn’t need a special day to go do. So I didn’t. Because hey, why go with the trend? Especially when the trend is, well, kind of the norm if you’re us.

So today was escentially spent doing absolutely nothing. May slept in, hell–even I slept in, and we stuck close to home when we finally decided being awake was in our best interest–although, a small portion of that has to do with the fact we’re still–yes, still–waiting around for the folks what install our new internet service to show up, say hi, and give us service. It’s been probably the first actually low key day we’ve both had since we moved over here, what with repair folks, install folks, property managing folks, moving folks and familial folks dropping in to say hi how’s it going just because hey, new place.

If we do decide to do something specificly valentinesy, it’ll probably be very last minute, very much a manner of relieving frustration with afore mentioned installer folks, and very, very late. Because hey, that’s how we roll, goddammit. Look at me, bucking the freaking trend and all that. And all because at end of day, I’m poor/cheap/broke/whatever, lazy, and needed an excuse to blog something or other on valentines day–and the mockery I’m constructing in my head just isn’t gonna do much to cut it.

This is what happens when James logic is left unchecked for 10 seconds, kids. It does things that are bad for people who aren’t James and potentially assists James’s brain in the imploding department. Because it needs the help, really. And then you have pointless entries about pointlessness on a–in my opinion, relax–pointless day for pointless reasons. On second thought, no wonder my brain’s on vacation. I do believe I’ll join it.

So how did you not spend valentines day?

Added at the last second: snark at your future ISP in a blog post and wouldn’t you know, they show up. I aughta do that more often. But first, caffeine.

5 responses to “How I didn’t spend valentine’s day. Or, in which my brain takes the day off.”

  1. If James ever did something romantic I think the whole world would sease to exist, *boom!*

    Everyday with us is special and that’s all that matters. don’t need a “special” day set aside for that. Besides we have fun just trying to figure out how to out do our monthly annaversories, don’t need another day added to that now do we?

    *peers about*

    May, James’ better half!

    • Heyyyyy. I can be romantic. Like… uh… like a romantic thing. Yeah that’s it. Stop snickering over there. It’s bad for you. Kind of like me, but actually bad.

      Waitasec. You mean the idea is *not* to try and outdo our monthly thinggies? Well hell. Why didn’t you tell me this a house ago? (*)

      *: If you did, in fact, tell me, then consider it an early make it up to you present. Just in case. 😀

  2. We use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to eat cake. You know, to head back to that bakery you found and have been meaning to hit again but haven’t. This year it was discover new bakeries what with being in an entirely new city. Worked out well, I must say. We each found a different one without knowing what the other was doing, and we even have the names of a couple of others for future reference.

      • This year’s bakery haul netted us a dozen cupcakes, some chocolate dipped strawberries, a few pastries and a heart-shaped chocolate mousse cake. Epic win, indeed.

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