New year, new season, same old result?

I’m both a hockey fanatic and a baseball fanatic, and have no problem admitting to both of them. Granted, my well documented hockey followings were rather written off significantly earlier in the season, while they were still royally stinking it up. Still, I keep threatening to get on the baseball blogging bandwagon at some point and I figure, you know, now’s as good a time as any. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to agree with me; this is supposed to be opening day for the only Canadian team left in the MLB, and they’re currently in a rain delay. Not that outside my window is any better at the moment. I’m currently home from work anyway, for completely unrelated reasons (hint: I need to work on my sleep schedule), and until 5 minutes ago forgot that today was opening day. I’m such a fan, I know. But it’s been corrected now, and as soon as that game actually starts, it will be corrected for good. Sadly I still get to miss tomorrow’s, wednesday’s, and thursday’s games. But eh, I work ’til 10. Unless they play on the west coast I’m not gonna be watching much baseball this year. I’ve accepted and moved on. I’ll bitch about it in full come September. For now though, rain delay means halfway entertaining show.

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