Go ducks go!

Yes, I know, I haven’t done nearly the hockey/NHL blogging as I’d previously threatened to–a problem that will be corrected next hockey season. But that being said… it’s now the end of the second period. Ottawa is losing 4 2. And I, yes me, am fucking extatic. I called in sick to work tonight–I actually *was* sick, so stuff your opinions–and am subsequently watching this game, in spite of the fact I vowed never, ever to subject myself to a Senators game in which Toronto wasn’t playing and/or kicking their ass. But… I made an exception for game 4 because there was beer on the line–you owe me by the way, you know who you are. I’m watching game 5 because, well, watching Ottawa lose in the playoffs is an awesome thing indeed. And I live in Ottawa… how messed up is that? Not that it should surprise those who know me–my Maple Leaf fandom is well documented. And would be better documented except, well, again I’ve been lazy on my hockey/NHL blogging. My early as hell new years resolution: correct that. After I finish watching Ottawa lose. Again, go Ducks go!

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