Freezing one’s ass off is never cool. And, WTF?

I’ve decided to be all organized like. So I’ll combine my two rants into one entry, neatly clipped off behind cuts. Because occasionally, I do things that make sense.

-18 degrees c when I left the house this morning to come to work. At 6:30 or so this morning. *Before* wind chill. what. The. Fuck? And you know if I wasn’t coming from Pembroke to do so it would have hovered around the freezing point and snowed like it’s nobody’s business instead. Somebody up there hates me. and I’m sure I’ll see them in hell before I’m 30. In the meantime though, crap that’s cold.

Robert Latimer, on day parole. And apparently lovin’ it. For killing his 12-year-old daughter with CP, if I remember the case correctly. It was rather appropriately called a slap in the face. Nothing says mercy killings are okay quite like letting someone out of jail early after what in his mind pretty much amounted to a mercy killing. This might just be me being the asshole of the century, but if not shot, he should definitely be treated to the same fate as his daughter. that whole do unto others thing and all that. I wouldn’t call me religious in any real respect, but I do believe what goes around comes around. And it’s gonna come around to kick him in the ass, methinks. Shoulda stayed in jail, Bob. Moronic legal decision of the year right there. And sadly, the only reason I even bothered to look at this article is it’s probably gonna spend the next 6 months on the front page anyway. Might as well get it out of my system now before something comes of it that pisses every other fool with a blog off. That and I’ll forget to do something with this tonight. Hell, I may decide to forget to come online… what can I say? Me parental units’ computer suckith muchith.

This is what happens when I’m on a 2 hour call that’s going absolutely nowhere. I need me some entertainmentness!

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