The… squirrels… did… it…?

It redefines ridiculous, and actually makes me resent mother nature more than any of my top 3 favourite entities to hate on, but according to Bell technician dood who’s name I never got, squirrels broke my phone service, the ratbastards. Which… I suppose explains why even a replaced phone line didn’t last more than 24 hours. What I wouldn’t mind knowing though, is why it took 2 technicians coming out here to figure that out. Apparently, according to the smarter one of the 2, they were nesting on one of the telephone poles outside the building. Which… kinda makes me contemplate agreeing with those of the persuasion that they should be shot. But, now, I have working phone service again. I’m no less irritated with Bell, mind you, but now it’s for a whole different reason–that I had to take a day off work to actually have it looked at a second time, since the first one was apparently an idiot. Ah well, if the world didn’t have it’s fair share of stupid people, I’d have nothing to talk about. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with them.

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