I live! Still!

The last couple weeks have been… well, busy as royal hell. Christmas and new years will do that. Of course, and then I wound up on a week’s vacation and didn’t feel like touching this thing even just to make sure it still worked. But vacation ends tomorrow, and then it’s bac to the daily grind, so I figured now’s as good a time as any to get back into it. New years was hella fun. Although, for the record, nearly every bar in Ottawa being either closed or requiring a cover charge on the biggest drinking night of the year is just way too over the top. Fortunately for our sanity, Trish managed to keep some alcohol at her place which she and I made quick work of. New years day was spent waking up and getting hammered with snow. We wanted to go for a walk and see what kind of pictures we could come up with, but the weather just wouldn’t let up enough for that. I mean, we could have gone for the walk, but pictures were out of the question. So the vote was we’d drive instead. A couple hours and a coffee later, we still had no pictures. But at least we’d killed the majority of the afternoon. I came back to my place after, and there was all manner of flakeyness. Spent pretty much the next week in between being flakey, and talking to an already once mentioned interesting young lady about… whatever came up. Perfect way to spend a vacation. Now, if only she wasn’t in the US. The malfunction will be corrected. Wednesday I go back to work, and I know for at least the first couple days, I’m so not going to want to. But, then again… one look at my paycheck will probably make me want to. I just need to hold out ’til Friday. Oh, it’s going to royally, royally suck…

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  1. Awww!! When was I previously mentioned? And when is it getting corrected? I’m voting this summer since my roadtrip to oklahoma is a bust.

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