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I’m starting to see a patern here, and I’m not encouraged.

That patern, for the generally curious or generally bored, is that when I figure things will turn out slightly more positive than I’d initially thought, they do a complete 180. So far, that patern has only been proven in the hockey world–I’m still working on the rest of it. Reasoning. I stayed awake during the Washington mess and, well, it was the Washington mess. ‘Nuff said. I stayed awake during the game this Friday against everyone’s favourite NJ team to mock, and after about the start of the third period, it sucked. Badly. On the other hand, when Saturday’s game against the Canadians ended up being 2 1, I ended up being asleep. At which point they somehow managed to pull off a win. Now, I haven’t got it down to an exact science yet, but common sense, which I have accused many a person of lacking, is telling me I should already know what the exact science is. In short, the next time the Leafs are scheduled for a huge game, sedate me. I’ll read the final score when I wake up.

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